An innovative GPS Tracker that helps you track the location of your car. The location of the vehicle is displayed on a map on your smartphone. If there is no communication with the satellites via GPS, the coordinates are determined by GSM / LBS.
How does it work
COMPASS is an innovative GSM Glonass / GPS tracker used to determine the position of your car through an application on your smartphone.

The COMPASS GSM / GPS detector can operate independently or in combination with other car systems. It has an input and an output that the installer can use to connect it to any system.

Benefits and Features

  • Easy operation from a FREE application on the Smartphone.

  • Location tracking in two ways: Via GPS / Glonass satellite or GSM with LBS technology

  • Check messages easily, quickly and economically with balance tracking.

  • Power supply from the vehicle battery for complete autonomy of operation without interruptions.

  • Beacon mode invisible / undetectable mode where GPS wakes up at intervals and sends coordinates.

  • Tracker function: View the position of the vehicle on the mobile phone by opening the application and pressing a button.

  • Compatible with car alarm as well as with all Autor Alarm systems (IGLA, Autostart, OBD Block)

  • It has 1 input and 1 output for combination with other systems (eg violation notification, remote engine start, etc.)

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