Clifford G5 AvantGuard 5.1

Clifford G5 AvantGuard 5.1

The AvantGuard 5.1 is Clifford’s premier G5 security and remote start system, which comes with the BlackJackTM 5 anti-carjacking system, Pin to Drive, G5 dual-zone OmniSensor, G5 dual zone proximity sensor, G5 glass break sensor and Powered Medallion2 programmable siren. This state-of-the-art system also offers in-demand convenience feature like keyless entry.


  • Remotely Adjustable Dual-Zone OmniSensor
  • Remotely Adjustable Dual-Zone Proximity sensor
  • Tilt/Motion Sensor
  • G5 Glass Break Sensor
  • Built-In Parking Light Flasher
  • Includes Two 5-Button Remote Controls
  • 3 Auxiliary Channels
  • Selectable Dual-Point Smart Secure Immobilization
  • ACG2 Anti-Code Grabbing Technology
  • Pin to Drive
  • BlackJax™ 5 Anti-Carjacking System
  • CliffNet™ DataPort
  • PlainView2 Coded Valet/Override Switch
  • 4-Channel Security / Remote Start System with Optional Keyless Entry
  • IntelliStart™ 4
  • Smart Self-Powered Siren
  • Bright Blue LED Status Indicator
  • Turbo Timer
  • Short Stop
  • Compatible with manual gearbox
  • Smart Start DSM250i GPS (optional)


Compatible with all Clifford G5 accessories & many of Directed accessories such as Smart Start DSM250i GPS.



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