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 PANDORA SMART MOTO Security systems In Stock


“Motorcycles is much more easy subjected to a highjacking than a car, so it needs a strong def..

399.00€ Ex Tax: 321.77€


  The CAN BUS FIREWALL is probably the first retrofittable immobiliser that communicates bi-..

199.00€ Ex Tax: 160.48€

AUTHOR ALARM IGLA  Pin to Drive / Immobiliser 2-3 Days


IGLA is a unique anti-theft device, designed to protect your car from theft and burglary. The device..

230.00€ Ex Tax: 185.48€

Clifford BlackJax 5

Stand-alone pin-to-drive and anti-hijacking system, BlackJax has already saved lives, not just vehic..

209.00€ Ex Tax: 168.55€

Clifford G5 AvantGuard 5.1

The AvantGuard 5.1 is Clifford’s premier G5 security and remote start system, which comes with..

869.00€ Ex Tax: 700.81€

Clifford G5 Concept 470

Clifford G5 Concept 470. This is one of the most advanced 1-way security systems in the world f..

399.00€ Ex Tax: 321.77€

Directed 103T

Digital Keypad Failsafe Starter Kill Designed to be used as a stand-alone passive/active st..

109.00€ Ex Tax: 87.90€

PANDORA  LIGHT PRO V2 Security systems In Stock


The Pandora Light PRO is a complete safety system, suitable for the protection and remote start of t..

399.00€ Ex Tax: 321.77€

PANDORA ELITE Security systems 2-3 Days


Pandora Elite  NEW Pandora Elite is the distinctive file system and application leader in th..

949.00€ Ex Tax: 765.32€

PANDORA IMMO Security systems 2-3 Days


PANDORA IMMO Pandora Immo is an advanced anti-theft system designed for cars, motorcycles, ATV Quad..

169.00€ Ex Tax: 136.29€

Pandora LIGHT V3 Security systems In Stock

Pandora LIGHT V3

The Pandora Light v3 is a complete security system, suitable for the protection and remote start of ..

269.00€ Ex Tax: 216.94€

Pandora MINI v3 Security systems In Stock

Pandora MINI v3

Certified Transparent Quality E-mark It matches the elements of Pandora dialogues with the appl..

249.00€ Ex Tax: 200.81€

Pandora SMART GSM Security systems 2-3 Days


The New Pandora Smart GSM is the ultimate protection solution with factory control and Smartphone ap..

299.00€ Ex Tax: 241.13€

Pandora SMART PRO v3

Pandora SMART PROv3NEW The new generation Pandora SmartPro is equipped with all the latest tech..

639.00€ Ex Tax: 515.32€

Pandora SMART v3 GPS  Security systems In Stock

Pandora SMART v3 GPS

The new Pandora Smart v3 GPS is the ultimate use with a standalone remote control and Smartphone app..

499.00€ Ex Tax: 402.42€