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2-3 Days Alpine SWR-M100 Subwoofers

Alpine SWR-M100 Marine Subwoofer

The Alpine SWR-M100 25cm Marine Subwoofer perfectly embraces the Alpine Marine System by producing powerful bass anywhere on the boat...and beyond.


No sound system would be complete without the help of bass! Alpine SWR-M100 Marine Subwoofers take listeners on a deep bass journey. No matter where they are installed they give you a pretty good sound bite!


  • Resistance 4 Ohm

  • Browse for deep and powerful bass

  • Tuning separator for wider application

  • Polypropylene frame

  • High AMplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) Surround (Pat. Pend)

  • CRC construction (patent)

  • Heat Management System

  • Built-in terminals

  • Screw cover bezel and grille design

  • Waterproof rubber cover



  • Two available colors - silver and white - allow you to integrate the woofers into your traditional white boat as well as modern yachts. SWR-M100 (Silver).

  • The SWR-M100 uses a special design based on Alpine's TYPE-R car subwoofers, offering powerful bass.

  • The 25cm subwoofers offer 900W maximum power for strong and clear bass performance, eliminating wind noise at high speeds. Marine.

  • Ready for the heavy hitting: Thanks to ATSM Salt/Fog and UV Marine specifications and NEMA level 5 water resistance all Marine speakers withstand the challenges of the marine environment.

  • Powerful, Durable Subwoofer Marine Subwoofers are resistant to harsh conditions that otherwise degrade sound performance and provide high external pressure levels.

  • It is an easy to install application, as it is equipped with gold-plated 2-way spade/insert terminals.

  • Ready for a sunny cruise Thanks to ATSM Salt/Fog and UV Marine specifications as well as NEMA level 5 water resistance, all Marine speakers stand up to the challenges of the marine environment.

  • Perfect Amplifier - Speaker Match Merine Speakers are built to work together with Marine PDX amplifiers for better system performance. Matching the audio characteristics provides even better performance.

  • Designed for easy installation and water resistance Its grill design and elastic waterproof cover make it easy to install.

  • All parts of the speaker - including the speaker connections - are resistant to sea salt. The SWR-M100 is equipped with a magnetic cover to avoid interference from other electronic devices, which allows it to be installed anywhere on the boat.

  • Durable Frames All models feature polypropylene frames that resist sunlight and corrosion while keeping their construction aligned for better performance. They are also durable enough to handle high levels of vibration on board

  • Brand: ALPINE
  • Product Code: SWR-M100
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • 165.00€
  • Ex Tax: 133.06€

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