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2-3 Days PANDORA ELITE Security systems

Pandora Elite  NEW

Pandora Elite is the distinctive file system and application leader in the market of required problems. Browse in a few words, I display displays availability functions, personal information with an emergency reader button, require and with parameters of the mummification.
Installation is required only by specialized personnel.
The Pandora Elite comes equipped with a new 4G modem, with two powerful GSM antennas, internal and external for a perfectly strong signal, Bluetooth 5.0 and 868MHz LoRa. It has a new, more ergonomic remote control, with a large and bright OLED screen and a built-in Lithium Polymer Battery (Li-Po). The remote control is connected to the main unit via 868MHz wireless radio and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth 5.0 implementation allows you to control the system from the smartphone to a distance of 160-180 meters. The new GSM modem supports 4G / LTE (class1), 3G, 2G (GPRS) in combination with two GSM antennas offering great network coverage. All these features guarantee the highest level of anti-theft protection and maximum usability.

Anti-theft Protection

Anti-Jammer mode: The anti-theft Pandora Elite features an exclusive feature that adds an extra shield to the absolute safety of your vehicle. When "Active Protection" is enabled, Pandora's anti-theft alarm system is in constant contact with the company's Internet Servers in order to control your car's GSM / GPS signals in real time. So, even if would-be thieves try to use special equipment to block the GSM or GPS signal, such as jammer devices, by cutting off any notification communication from it, Pandora's SERVERs will recognize it immediately and notify the owner via Push- notification messages and E-mail.

Prohibition Disarm: The latest generation of alarms are connected to the car key, so if the thief is equipped with an RF extender (a device that multiplies the range of the key) or has stolen their scrolling factory keys with Roll-jammer, at the same time the alarm. Prohibition Disarm technology prevents the alarm from being disarmed if the ID-Tag driver ID is out of range (away from the car). This protects your device more effectively than a simple alarm system.

Wireless Bluetooth Protection: Pandora is the first to "cut the cables" by applying wireless technology via Bluetooth LE v5.0 communication protocol. The use of this method significantly increases the anti-theft protection of the system because it gives the freedom of placement of additional peripheral units, anywhere in the vehicle we want and as hidden as possible.
PIN Code | iD-TAG Immobilizer: Each time before driving, the ID-Tag ID must be within range (Automatic recognition) and / or the driver must enter the PIN code (manual recognition), otherwise the engine will be locked. Function that prevents the car from driving, even when the thief has the car keys.

Anti-HiJack function: prevents the vehicle from being occupied or stolen. In case of occupation (Hi-Jack) the vehicle will lock the engine, while the owner of the car is at a safe distance from the vehicle.

Global Positioning System: Pandora Elite includes a high-sensitivity receiver that communicates with satellites and confirms its location, so that the user can be notified immediately when requested through the application or with a call.

Due to the built-in geo-tracking global receiver, you can always get information about your car's location and geographic history.

Innovative system and unique since it provides geo-tracking combining 121 satellites from 5 different countries:

  • 32 satellites - GPS USA

  • 24 satellites - GLONASS, Russia

  • 26 satellites - Galileo, Europe

  • 35 satellites - BeiDou (COMPASS), China

  • 4 satellites - QZSS, Japan

 covering the position of your vehicle, wherever it is literally all over the earth, with incredible accuracy and constant monitoring of its geo-location.

Separate RF / Bluetooth antenna: The unique anti-theft system with RF LoRa wireless antenna, which communicates with the central unit via Bluetooth, raising the bar of anti-theft protection even higher as it allows the installer to hide the central unit without affecting the remote control range .
Remote control: It has a new, more ergonomic remote control, with a large and bright OLED screen and a built-in Lithium Polymer battery (Li-Po). The remote control communicates with the main unit via 128bit coded dialogue and Bluetooth. It is the most technologically advanced remote control on the market with a powerful LiPo lithium polymer battery that you forget to charge and when it needs charging it only takes a few minutes.

Digital 3D Sensor: It has a 2-zone sensor for vibration, lifting and moving (3D accelerometer), which use advanced algorithms to ensure an immediate response in each case. The system protects every sensitive area such as: doors, hood, trunk ... and all this with the least interference in the electronics of your car since it uses the same technology as the manufacturer.

Low Consumption Record

The system is built for maximum efficiency with the lowest power consumption and for not recording errors of modern car brains. The innovation is based on the latest STM32F413 processor, which became available only a few months ago, which allowed the introduction of new unique algorithms, which reduced the system's power consumption to 10mA while maintaining full functionality and active GPRS connection.
Certified Quality Assurance E-mark, Thatcham and IATF 16949: 2016
Pandora's anti-theft systems are designed for absolute anti-theft protection and are perhaps the only Russian anti-theft device that meets all European Union specifications, with CE mark certified for approved sale, E-Mark for safe installation in cars on the European market, ensuring the absolute compatibility with the electronics of your car and certification “WORKSHOP” ISO / TS 16949: 2016 by IATF. IATF is a team of leading car manufacturers and guarantees high quality, continuous control and improvement as well as compatibility and protection of car brains.

APP Application & Internet website

The Pandora app for Android and iOS allows you to manage system settings as well as locate the vehicle from your mobile phone. By using the Smartphone Pandora application or the Pandora page on the internet from your computer, you can have immediate notification from the alarm about any violation and the entire usage history as well as the full control of the alarm e.g. setting the sensitivity of the sensors, configuration and operation of the engine start (add-on) up to the control of the geographical limits (Geofences) that will move your car.
Remote Telemetry & Launch *

The ultimate location and management solution - you can use Smartphone app and web browser to access most of its features. Full update on the various situations that occur in your car, view the event history and locate it via GPS. It has a GSM modem where a SIM mobile phone card is required and allows the system to send SMS, make calls, as well as receive commands over the phone or connect to the online service. The additional remote engine start system features factory-concealed key technology for the most popular car brands.
* To activate the remote engine start and air conditioning, it has factory key concealment technology for the most popular car brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Toyota etc.



  • Anti-jammer: unique protection from devices that block the GSM signal.

  • Prohibition Disarm: Prohibits the disarmament of the alarm.

  • Pin-Code Immobilizer. Personal PIN driver code. No Pin Introduction, No Driving.

  • Anti-hijack: protection against violent vehicle hijacking.

  • Double Guard with PIN Code & Bluetooth tags.

  • Output for OBD port lock.


  • Handling by

  • BT Tags Keyless Hands-free automatic arming / disarming

  • APP Application.

  • Factory remote control.

  • APP management for Apple & Android smartphones

  • Manage the condition of the car

  • Includes dual-zone vibrating and digital tilt / lift sensor.

  • Remote engine start and air conditioning activation.

  • Arming and disarming the car's protection system

  • Quick and easy configuration of system settings via mobile.

  • Engine blocking from a distance

  • Geographic location with map display

  • Open Street Maps, Google Maps, Apple, Yandex

  • 2 packs are provided in the package and supports up to 4 tags

  • Multiple encryption protocols

  • "Wide" encryption key.

  • High quality construction, long life.

  • It uses the same CanBus technology as the car.

  • Automatic window closing when arming *.

  • OBD port lock with PIN code.

  • Unconditional 3 Years Warranty of good operation.

  • Immediate replacement of the central unit, without any intervention or repair in case of failure

  • Free annual upgrade

  • Compatible with other existing systems.

  • Easy transfer to another car, updating only the software.

  • Accepts digital space sensor.

  • Easy system activation / deactivation for the workshop.​

  • Brand: PANDORA
  • Product Code: ELITE
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • 949.00€
  • Ex Tax: 765.32€

Tags: Security System, CanBus, Anti Hi-jacking, PIN to Drive, GPS Tracking, TAG, Engine Remote Start, 2-Way