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Pandora SMART PRO v3 Security systems


The new generation Pandora SmartPro is equipped with all the latest technologies and new features, necessary for their installation in the most advanced car models, covering the increased needs and possibilities created by modern mobile telecommunications. Operated from an online website, from tablets and smartphones, it provides its owner with complete information and management, while it is ready to add the remote boot function.

Anti-theft protection

GSM Diversity: New Unique technology for the best GSM signal for seamless data transmission, improved terrestrial location (LBS) and instant communication on your mobile. It consists of 2 Independent built-in antennas and a microprocessor that receives the signals of the mobile telephony of the two antennas by constantly selecting the most powerful one. This differential reception technology gives a very significant increase in coverage and communication stability as the car moves or when parked in a low signal area. 


New GNSS detector receiver: The Pandora Smart Pro v3, confirming its leading position, includes a high-sensitivity receiver that communicates with 121 satellites of all systems such as GPS USA / GLONASS Russia / Galileo Europe / BeiDou China / QZSS Japan to locate. your car more accurately.

Anti-Jammer: The Smart Pro Pro has an additional protection shield for the absolute safety of your vehicle. When the "Active protection" function is activated, the anti-theft system is in constant communication with the company's internet servers, in order to check the GSM / GPS signals of your car in real time. Thus, even if potential thieves try to use special equipment to block the GSM or GPS signal, such as jammer devices, by interrupting any alert communication from it, Pandora SERVERS will immediately recognize it and notify the owner via Push-alert messages. and E - messages.

Disarm Prohibition: The latest generation of alarms is attached to the car key, so if the thief is equipped with an RF extension (device that multiplies the key range) or has intercepted the factory rolling key codes with a roll-jammer, they strike at the same time. alarm. Disarm Disarm technology prohibits disarming the alarm if the ID label driver ID is out of range (away from the car). This way it protects your car more effectively than a simple alarm system. 

Bluetooth Wireless Protection: First Pandora "cuts steps" required application time, display of Bluetooth communication protocol v5.0 The use of the woman in the search additional search for each time required for the freedom of the requirements of the applications required by the tools required, in every year we want we want the various hidden colors. invetec

PIN code iD-TAG Immobilizer: Time before development, requiring the required ID-label I have to do the various messages (Automatic identification) and / or the staff to enter the PIN (identification box) code, otherwise the engine would like. Function that is removed during the appearance of this, color and use by the thief during the time of the equipment.

Anti-Hijack access: they bought the vehicle from being trampled or stolen. In detail ending (Hi-Jack) through the information required for the development of the work, the owner of this required information in each use of the vehicle.

For Digital 3D Sensors: They have 2-zone required books, lifting and moving (3D accelerometer), which display other algorithms related to the request to respond to each request. In addition, the system creates every careful availability: doors, hood, trunk ... and all with small differences with those available in the application of the application with its application with the object. 

Bluetooth wireless siren
Its independent power supply allows its continuous operation even in case the central alarm unit is removed. It is also important that it is easy to install, as there is no need to run cables from the engine compartment to the cab, minimizing installation time and at the same time providing better concealment of its position. In addition, it gives the possibility to change the sound of the siren and adjust according to the needs of the owner, with personalized sound, unique for each vehicle. The owner thus distinguishes his own vehicle.


Low Consumption Record
The system is built for maximum efficiency with the lowest power consumption and does not record error in modern car brains. The innovation is based on a new processor ARM 32-bit, which incorporates new smart algorithms, which reduce system power consumption even more while maintaining full functionality and active GPRS.vetec connection

Modern Technology 

4G connection: With 10 times faster speeds than 3G, high speed data transfer, is the ultimate anti-theft system with the fastest telemetry. Of course where the network does not support 4G it automatically connects to 2G or 3G, extending its coverage even to areas with limited signal.

Bluetooth 5.0: The only anti-theft system in its class with Bluetooth 5.0 providing a particularly wide range, up to 150m * for stable and continuous control of your system even without a GSM connection, using the application.

In addition, it allows easy, secure without cables, wireless and stable connection to any additional device such as siren, locking relay, tags, special unit for the engine compartment, significantly expanding its functionality.

* the distance is achieved with Smartphone Bluetooth 5.0 and can vary depending on the environment.

EGTS protocol: Pandora Smart Pro v3 supports the new EGTS data transfer protocol (ERA-GLONASS Telematics Standard) which in combination with Pandora's new powerful server farm provides extremely fast data transfer speeds such as messages, videos, diagnostic information controls etc.

Certified Quality Assurance E-mark, Thatcham and IATF 16949: 2016
Pandora anti-theft systems are designed for absolute anti-theft protection and are perhaps the only Russian anti-theft system that meets all European Union standards, with CE mark certification for approved sale, E-Mark for safe installation in European market cars, ensuring the absolute compatibility with the electronics of your car and certification of "FACTORY BRAIN" ISO / TS 16949: 2016 by the IATF. IATF is a team of leading car manufacturers and guarantees high quality, continuous testing and improvement as well as compatibility and protection of the car brains. 

APP Application & Internet website

The Pandora application for Android and iOS allows you to manage the system parameters as well as locate the vehicle from your mobile phone. Using the Smartphone Pandora application or the Pandora page on the internet from your computer, you can be immediately informed by the alarm about any violation and the entire history of use as well as the complete control of the alarm e.g. Adjusting the sensitivity of the sensors, configurations and operation of the engine start (additional) up to the control of the geographical limits (Geofences) that will move your car.

Remote Start
The possibility of activating the remote engine start and air conditioning, has non-concealed factory key technology for the most popular car brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Toyota etc. Additional RMD-5M equipment may be required.


  • Lifetime Warranty.

  • Immediate replacement of the central unit, without any intervention or repair in case of failure

  • Free annual upgrade

  • Easy transfer to another car, updating only the software.

  • E-Mark Certification of compatibility with car electronics.

  • CE European Specifications.

  • IATF 16949: 2016 certification of leading car manufacturers

Operation by

  • BT Tags automatic arming / disarming alarm (Keyless Hands-free)

  • APP Application for mobile or tablet and online application.

  • Factory remote control. ****

APP management for Apple & Android smartphones

  • Car condition management

  • Includes dual band vibration and digital tilt / lift sensor.

  • * Remote engine start and air conditioning activation (additional RMD-5M required).

  • Arming and disarming the car protection system

  • Quick and easy configuration of system settings

  • Engine blockage from a distance

  • Geographical location with illustration on map.

  • Open Street Maps, Google Maps, Apple, Yandex

  • 2 tags are provided in the package and it supports up to 4 tags

  • Multiple encryption protocols

  • "Wide" encryption key. invetec

  • High quality construction, with long life.

  • It uses the same car CanBus technology.

  • Automatic window closing during arming *.

  • Possibility to lock OBD port with PIN code.

  • Compatible with other existing systems.

  • Accepts digital space sensor.

  • Easy system on / off system for the workshop. 

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