Clifford 5606X

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Clifford 5606X Security systems

Start your engine with the push of a button from up to a 1/2 mile away with this slender, elegant 5 button remote control. Based on the best-selling 2-Way LED Remote Start System, this is the value-priced 1-Way version. Includes the very latest in Remote Start technology, including Virtual Tach, D2D and XPRESSPORT™.


  • 1 Remote 5-button 1-Way
  • Range 1/2 Mile  
  • Security
  • Remote Start
  • Keyless Entry
  • SmartStart Compatible
  • Code Hopping Encryption
  • Domelight Supervision
  • Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor
  • Neo Revenger 6-Tone Siren
  • Failsafe Starter Kill
  • Anti-Carjacking (VRS)
  • Guaranteed Protection Plan (GPP)
  • 4 Auxiliary Channels for Optional Functions
  • Remote Control Trunk Pop
  • Brand: CLIFFORD
  • Product Code: 5606X
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 289.00€
  • Ex Tax: 233.06€

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