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In Stock PANDORA MOTO EU Security systems

“Motorcycles is much more easy subjected to a highjacking than a car, so it needs a strong defence.”

Product Description

Pandora MOTO EU alarm system is equipped with all the necessary to provide reliable protection for each motorcycle.
The central unit of the system is mounted in a waterproof case and is handled by a beautiful and modern two-way communication controller equipped with an OLED display, specially crafted to read the information even in direct sunlight allowing you to fully control the system and receive notifications from it.

One of the main advantages of Pandora MOTO EU is the very low power consumption of the battery and takes place in 3 situations. In the “full” mode, the system consumes about 6 mA, after a few hours (adjustable time per hour, depending on use), the system enters the “average consumption” state (up to 4 mA) and then (adjustable time per day, according to usage) in “maximum economy” mode (up to 2 mA). 

All protection bands remain active, ready to respond to any excitation, even in “peak economy” mode.
The use of energy saving algorithms allows motor vehicles with batteries of about 12 Amp / h to remain protected for up to three months without the battery being charged! With a battery capacity of approximately 30 Amp / h, installed on modern ATVs, the protection period can be up to one year. 
For comparison purposes, most of the commercially available motorcycle alarm models discharged the battery in one to two weeks.
The basic Pandora Moto alarm unit has a built-in emergency lithium battery that allows the alarm signal to be transmitted for several hours after disconnecting the main battery.

Thanks to the backup battery, the owner is immediately informed when the main battery is turned off and not after reconnecting. The siren will also be deactivated at the same time, preparing a “surprise” for the thief in the form of a hidden alert to the owner. The radius of information is several hundred meters. 
The complete system includes the waterproof piezo siren, Pandora PS-330, specially designed by our engineers for use in motor vehicles. Low power consumption and very high sound pressure make it perhaps the most perfect piezo-electric siren available on the market for Motor Safety. 

Pandora Moto EU is able to offer complete protection, satisfying even the most demanding users.

Protection Zones

With Pandora MOTO EU you can protect the following independent zones by receiving the corresponding updates on the remote control.

  • Lifting / tilting

  • Movement

  • Vibration (warnings)

  • Vibration (alarm)

  • Engine blocking

  • Ignition ON

  • Rider seat

  • Critical battery voltage drop

  • Baggage

  • Side luggage

  • 2-band volumetric (additive)

  • Brand: PANDORA
  • Product Code: MOTO EU
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